Tegal Panggung Inn. is located in Tegal Panggung Street 39 Yogyakarta, in the eastern area of Malioboro. You can reach Malioboro by 10 minutes walking from this Inn. Some wooden boards decorated most of the front part of the house, windows, furnitures, and floor, giving the warm and comfortable effect.

Divided into main house and pavilion, Tegal Panggung Inn. consists of 6 large bedrooms equipped with Air Conditioning, lounge chair, and private bathroom with bathtub and shower. There is one very special bedroom with a very luxurious bathroom. A classic copper bathtub and sink blended with wooden floor and shower in a glass chamber. The few number of bedroom and the big size of the room are going to give serenity and privacy to every guest who comes to stay. The big windows in each room are giving the spacious effect and making the house blended with the beautiful green garden outside. Tegal Panggung Guest House is also equipped with living room, meeting room, dining room, pantry, and terrace.

Unlike the other Hotel, in Tegal Panggung Inn. you will be welcomed directly by the owner of the house. With a friendly greeting and a relax style of the owner, Tegal Panggung Inn. is intending to give warm and comfortable atmosphere just like if you are home.

Tegal Panggung GH, which located in the heart of Jogja city is the modification of an old 1908 building. Durung the Dutch colonial, the building is used to be the base camp of Student Soldiers. The building was renovated I year 2008, and since then has been function as a Guest House. The owner wanted to accommodate of the old building component mixed with modern architecture, and it turned out to be a Unique Building which offers a warm atmosphere.